New York: 5½ Years (Covid Edition)

We’re not working from home, we’re living at work.

Part I: New York (May to November, 2020)








Part II: Puerto Rico (December to mid-March)

Part III: New Orleans (March/April, 1 month)

Intermission: Joshua Tree / Santa Monica (April, 1 week)

Part IV: Austin (April/May, 1 month)

Part V: Nashville (May/June, 2 weeks)

Part VI: Memphis (June, 1 week)

Appendix A: New York Detail

  • Bear Mountain (hike), Industry City (rooftop garden, Captain America statue, Japanese village), Governors Island, One Hanson Place (walked in as prepping for film shoot), Do The Right Thing corner (on anniversary)
  • Bronx. Crack is Wack mural, City Island, Johnny’s Reef Restaurant, dying cat fright, crazy statue house, Botanical Garden, Dominick’s, Artuso, Bronx Brewery.
  • Queens. Los Primos (toxic), Austin Ale House, Rodney Dangerfield square, bystander rule, random train car, saffron candy at Carmel grocery, Ramones mural, Lemon Ice King of Corona, Han Ma Um Zen Center temple, Spa Castle (no rules, fake BJs), Nam Xiang Xiao Long Bao.
  • Staten Island. Fort Wadsworth, South Beach, Richmond Town, Egger’s Ice-Cream, suburban lighthouse, The Crimson Beech Frank Lloyd Wright house, trespassing at Farm Colony, Stone House, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Killmeyer’s.
  • Broadway (80km). Entire length in Manhattan. Protest Shirt Show, Vita Coffee, Tom Otterness sculpture park, George Washington bridge, Inwood park, Harlem steps, Columbia University, Lincoln Center plaza, Times Square, Grand Central, Bryant Park, Korea Town, Wall Street bull, Two Bridges.
  • George Washington Bridge. Cloisters, keeping up with Quinn.
  • Randals Island. Socrates Sculpture Park, Château le Woof, Rockefella, Times Square, Proletariat.
  • Rockaway. Jamaica Bay, Shirley Chisholm park.
  • Roosevelt Island. Octagon tower, Lighthouse park, Tom Otterness sculptures, Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Blackwell House, Four Freedoms Park, ferry home.
  • Staten Island (63km). Ferry, Richmond County ballpark, 9/11 memorial, Snug Harbor, cricket in the park, Marie’s Gourmet, Deree park trails, Todt Hill greenbelt, Moses’ Mountain, deer, Richmond Town, Egger’s, Conference House park, MTA ride, Craft House.
  • Boston. Harpoon Brewery, Bunker Hill, Freedom path, Paul Revere statue, St. Stephen’s Catholic Church, trophies under bridge, Samuel Adams Grave, Boston Common, MIT, Harvard.
  • Long Island (Memorial Weekend). Teagan’s, Stew Leonard’s, Claws seafood, Montauk lighthouse, Montauk Brewing, Levain Bakery, rose drive-through, beaches, fancy houses, Rockaway, Fire Island, Frank’s All-American Burgers drive-thru
  • Paradox Lake. Paul’s cabin weekend, Scythe, sleeping in tent by water (i.e. not sleeping because scared of noises).
  • Rhode Island. Camping, hike, Kimball Wildlife Refuge, abandoned building, secret beach, Mystic River drawbridge, Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough.

Appendix B: Puerto Rico Detail

Appendix C: New Orleans Detail

Appendix D: Austin Detail

Appendix E: Nashville Detail

Appendix F: Memphis Detail




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