Daniel Lanciana
4 min readOct 13, 2015

Founding member of the Australian collective Bang Gang, Ajax was voted one of Australia’s top 5 DJs taking out the number one spot in both 2006 and 2007. Died in 2013 after being hit by a truck in Melbourne.

My 1 hour mix for Diplo & Friends on BBC :)

N2N is a multi-instrumentalist producer/DJ from New York City. I bet I can make your grandma dance. Here’s my set from my first performance at Burning Man 2015! Watching the sun rise with you guys was absolutely crazy ❤ I had the time of my life and many thanks go to those who made it possible.

Cut Copy are an Australian electronic band formed in 2001. The mix accompanies the announcement of the group’s upcoming DJ tour, and features tracks from Jamie xx, Four Tet, the Chemical Brothers, Talking Heads and more.

THE MIXTAPE VOLUME 8 arrives next month. Until then you can go jam the mix we made for Dark Matter Coffee’s DRAGON EGGS.

Earlier this year, everyone’s favourite cartoon-pop-party duo and mash-up maestros, Yacht Club DJ’s broke hearts and headphones around the nation by announcing they are calling it a day! And of course, there is no better way to celebrate their hard-earned dance-floor legacy than one final, thumping, national party.

Having once again cast their net extremely wide, Oddity Number 5 is “a one-hour banger fest”, mashing up everyone from INXS to Incubus, Biggie Smalls to Band Of Horses, Michael Jackson to Matthew McConaughey.

The Man is a mass of red hot ashes; the night is full of promises. Bob Moses are weaving their magic with an amazing live performance on the Robot Heart BOT. Nuff said.

Since the inaugural release of their first mixtape in 2007, The Hood Internet’s rise to glory has steadily landed them performances at festivals like Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, SXSW, CMJ, Pitchfork’s Offline, Mad Decent Block Party, and The Roots Picnic.

On behalf of ourselves, we are proud to present the long-awaited new mixtape from certified internet platinum artists The Hood Internet.

That Tobacco/Aesop Rock mini-jam we dropped a couple weeks ago was a bit of a milestone for The Hood, as it marked our 200th (through 206th) track(s) posted to the website. We didn’t really make a big deal out of it since we were busy trying to finish up this new, new mixtape for you. Behold!

We told you it was coming soon and WE WERE NOT LYING: the newest installment of Hood Internet mixtapes, Volume Four. Following the same format of the first three volumes, we compiled our favorite Hood tracks that have dropped since the last mixtape PLUS a handful of unreleased bits and compacted them all into a non-stop mix that clocks in a lil bit over an hour. It’s the soundtrack to your next house party. Enjoy!

Here it is, the fifth installment of our mixtape series, none of which exist on actual tape. If you want to record The Mixtape Volume Five onto a tape for your car or your walkman, I’d recommend getting one of those 120-minute blank tapes so you can dedicate a single side to the hour-long mix. If you don’t own a tape player, that’s OK.

We cooked up a whole bunch of Internet that’s happened since Volume Five and Trillwave 2 to bring you The Mixtape Volume Six.

It’s been just about a year since the last installment of these, so we figured it was time for The Mixtape Volume Seven. Twenty-five jams mixed together to soundtrack your spring and summer dance parties.

Couldn’t let summer end before hitting you with this, The Mixtape Volume Eight.

All together, in your best DJ Khaled voice: ANOTHER ONE. From us 2 u, here’s The Mixtape Volume Nine, a nonstop mix of the best bootleg jams that we’ve assembled over the last year or so. Enjoy it, dance to it, etc.

Brought to you by the fine people of Mishka, TRILLWAVE is ergonomically designed for your summertime: the soundtrack to the party after the afterparty or maybe to a sun-drenched backyard barbecue the next day.

Valentines day is right around the corner… Here is an oldie but VERY goodie, free and complete for your listening pleasure. BUT , don’t be a cheap ass. Buy a real copy for you’re boo thang.

An electronic music project by Australian producer Emoh Instead (Chris Emerson) and formerly with producer Flume (Harley Edward Streten). 2 weeks, locked in the studio with 4 x 1000s / DJM800 — & tis whats we gots. Stuff yo face fool!

Here’s the amazing 2nd year retrospective mix.

GIMIX is a legendary mixtape that was put together in 2000 as a preview for their upcoming album at the time, “Since I left you.” Due to the large number of samples, GIMIX was never officially released. Instead it was made public as a promo-only item then became a bit of a urban myth circulating in a semi-clandestine manner before surfacing on the internets with the proliferation of social media.

Mashup tribute to J Dilla and Pet Sounds by record producer Bullion released in 2007.